Wedding Opener Animation, Download Open file now !

Jan - 10 2017 | no comments | By

Here is my after effects file for you to download and use. This zip file comes with two after effects file one with elements 3d and another per-rendred. So if you dont have the model installed in your system, you can use pre rendered file and enjoy .

Download NOW

Happy designing !

Wedding Opener Animation for You… Coming soon

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Hi friends!
Since I have been little busy these days , not able to post regularly. Today I have done a wedding opener animation for you to download and use freely. I have used elements3D plugin for all  3D objects and very easy to import and use. Before I upload my open after effects file , here are few frames for you guys to enjoy and post your comments.

Download link coming shortly

Till then happy blogging and God bless you all.

( P.S. – I would be very happy if you leave a comments and spread my website link )


Download galactic logo opener template !

Aug - 27 2015 | no comments | By

galactic logo opener for you is here , I have compiled and zipped this file.

you need element3d and optical flare plugin to use this AEP file .

So unzip it and specially copy the element 3d files from footage folder into your C:UsersAdminDocumentsVideoCopilot folder , otherwise your logo block will not appear on your composition. the planet has taken from default files of elements 3d and it will come automatically while you open the file.

so keep downloading and use unconditionally .

leave a question if you find any difficulties … till then happy animating .

download here

New year Snowflakes background

Dec - 29 2016 | no comments | By

A brand new year 2017 is coming within few days New year Snowflakes 20 seconder HD background for you … Download and enjoy !
Download Here Full HD Mov file

Logo opener animation source file

Nov - 20 2016 | no comments | By

Downloadable after effect source file here for you all, download ,modify,use, share and spread love … post your work and comments if you like my stuffs.

I would love to see your comments which will help me to continue this blog. cheers


magic book story trailer for you

Nov - 17 2016 | no comments | By

Hi pals !

I was little busy working on a project regarding an animated movie trailer…
this whole book and animation created in after effects with elements 3d plugin. Will share the open file soon when I am ready.
till then share, learn and love …




Download coming soon


Logo opener animation

Nov - 03 2016 | no comments | By

Hi Pals !

I was experimenting on a logo opener animation and it came out pretty good !

I will share the open after effects file soon, till then enjoy the visuals !

main_comp_original-0-00-00-11 main_comp_original-0-00-01-03 main_comp_original-0-00-01-11




Who loves glitch and want temporary malfunction ?

Sep - 25 2016 | 1 comment | By

Hi guys !

Today I am going to give you  temporary malfunctioned lower third … 😉 called glitch

I always try to help you guys by giving free original after effects files that you download, use and learn .

Since I am not a professional teacher , it comes abruptly … so guys if you are using my stuffs and getting benefited from me , please leave a massage to continue my journey .

You can ask me any  questions regarding motion graphics and I will try to give you satisfactory answer .


Till now you enjoy my free stuffs and have a great day !


a glitched lower third band for your need !

download, use and enjoy







Free Project file for New techno lower third Band

Aug - 26 2016 | no comments | By

Here is my project file for you, you need no plugins to run this file on after effects CC . Download and use it for your project. I would love to see a post with the link if you use my stuffs…. its all free so there will be no copyrights issue at all.

BDownload here

New techno lower third on the way !

Jul - 16 2016 | no comments | By

HI friends!
Next I am going to upload brand new techno lower third animated band free to use for any purpose. Lower third band can be used on television broadcast purpose or you can use it for your audio visual medium to show information. No plugin used and pure original stuff on the way for you !



I am still animating the band so, on my next post you will get after effects file to download and use for free! I would be happy if you send your link once you use it for any commercial or personal purpose.

keep visiting and happy blogging !

Download Project File

Jun - 15 2016 | no comments | By

Here is my project file for you. It doesn’t have any third party plugins so, you use it freely .

I would be happy if you leave a comment after using my elements on your animation.

Happy designing !



night glittery sky folder

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