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TOP 10 lesser known amazing plug-ins and scripts for after effects

Hi guys ! pardon me for my title of this article where I have mentioned “lesser known”,  actually I wanted to say that these plugins are not so commonly used… as much as like elements3d, trapcode or sapphire.

Here I am going to  give you details of 10 such plugins/scripts links… believe me, they are amazing and simple to use! to understand the result of each plugins , I have attached all related video links too.

Earlier I used to avoid using scripts/plugins and thought that these are complicated or may be difficult to use. I used to take hell lot of time to create multiple layers,arrange them in 3D space or rig the camera to create smooth motion etc . whereas these plugins can do such works in less than a second.

Most of the scripts/plugins I have taken from aescripts.com, its an amazing web store to fulfill your creative hunger.

So be happy and if possible try them once in your motion graphics .

  1. Plexus 3 – Though this plugin is not lesser known anymore and widely used for motion graphics. I love Plexus for its various possibility to create stunning effects. Check this intro and you will come to know the power of Plexus.
  2. Geolayers – Geo tagging? want to create or incorporate google map zoom in ? Here comes Geolayers. you can create your map,color them,do the animation from one space to another and lots more!
  3. Pastiche – Pastiche, hmm…different name but this plugin does magic with your layers. you may tried Maxon C4d to create particles formed text in 3D but  here you can do that in your after effects composition without using any 3D software at all. what you have to do? install the plugin, mention destination and source layer and you are done ! what a plugin dude ! check it right now
  4. Ease-and-wizz – Are you having problems with smooth animation? actually I used to have lots of problems with smooth animation technique until I found this stuff.
  5. Magnum – Another magical plugin for designers who works with  footage and every time mark the cut points for editing composition in after effects , not clear?  well, lets watch below link and you will be surprised to see such plugin exists .
  6.  Motion –  I have been using  this plugin since quite a few time. Very powerful plugin to animate your stuffs and packed with full of features. check this tutorial and you will come to know .
  7. Malty the simple-camera-rig – Most important plugin from maltaannon.com . It helps you to create superb camera animation and the name says it all.
  8. iexpressions –  Seems father of all expressions ! iExpressions allow you to use After Effects expressions without  writing or reading a single line of code. It has more than 125 Expressions in eight different categories – and each of them comes with an easy and intuitive to use interface. As its such a huge package, it is difficult to explain all its possibilities in a few lines.
  9. Newton –  Another well known plug-in for after effects, It is an one stop shop for dynamics in after effects…Unique and powerfull, rest you will know after watch this overview.
  10. Nodes2 – I am not a Mac user and that’s why I am missing this plugin to use for my animation. Unfortunately it is not for windows user and only released for mac guys. Why? I have no answer but still i am hopeful to see a windows version soon . An incredible plug-in for mac users to create node based animation.



So folks, dig these links and get your food for thought…. Happy designing !


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