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Tools for Motion Artist ~ Top 10 Mind blowing Cinema 4D plugins

Every motion artist has a dream to create stunning graphics and thats why new plugins and scripts are being invented every year. I have already posted regarding 10 lesser known but amazing adobe after effects plugins. Today I will discuss about Maxon C4D plugins. Cinema 4D is now an essential tool for almost every motion artist to create complex  and stunning animated design.
MOGRAPH Tab/division of C4D has changed the world of motion graphics to create complex thing in a minute ! I personally migrated from 3ds Max to C4D and found this software super cool and easy to use.
I am very much interested to see how every year Maxon has coming up with several add-on to help us create stuffs easily.

So here I have personally like some 10 amazing plugins which  make C4D worthy to love.

  1. Motion Suite – Greyscalegorilla, the ultimate C4D teacher and resource center for C4D learner like me. motion suits has 3 ultimate plugins for C4D.Transform is for creating transform like text chunks animation in minutes. City kit is to create detailed customized City and Signal is to create animation without keys.
  2. Dépliage – Not a very known plugins since this website is in french but that doesn’t restrict us to use such beautiful stuff… An unfolder deformation plugin, Just watch the video below and you will come to know what I mean to say.
  3. Proc3Durale 2 –  another nice plugin from same Code Vonc.  Used 3D procedural noise  to create stunning dead planet look.
  4. C4Depot – The ultimate landscape generator . Go to the link and discover bunch of amazing plugins that make our life so easy to create high quality mountain, valley, arctic, canyons, ocean, dunes, island … name a few !

  5. Dem-earth – Easily Generate dynamic Digital Elevation Models and georeference them in real-time to your world imagery. How? then watch this video below.
  6. TurbulenceFD –  One of the most famous fluid dynamics  plugins to create volumetric cloud,smoke and fire and most important part is very easy to use. No more rocket science is now to create a burning text or cloud.


7.X-Particle –  Only word is ” the ultimate perticle engine for C4D “

8. Easylines  – A free Xpresso Driven spline tools, use it and know its power !

9. Ivygrower – Small Free but powerful plugin to grow ivy plants around your model.

10.Vector Pro – A new generator for CINEMA 4D, which produces solid, virtual and procedural outlines, from an image, movie or shader.


Thats all for now folks ! I would be happy if you want to mention more good plugins  and leave comments.

Happy designing !

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