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My favorite 5 motion graphic studio

It’s not easy to pick top 5 my favorite motion graphics studios. There are numerous and still growing day by day. Also there are individual freelance artists and their astonishing works uploading every hour in internet.

Since last couple of years I have been digging for such studios to get my creative juice keep flowing. Some websites emerges very fast and disappears quite often . Here are 5 studios that now I can remember and follow them quite often .

  • Troika ~ They pitch themselves branding and marketing innovations agency. Their work is always a great inspiration for me, specially television channel branding with innovative packaging. If you want to get into broadcast graphics , just visit this site and you will fall in love with design. Highly recommended!

Troika 2011 Montage from Troika on Vimeo.

CBS Sports Rebrand from Troika on Vimeo.

  • N3design – N3 Design is an award-winning design studio based in Moscow. The studio specializes in creating complicated CG content as well as in delivering VFX and broadcast design solutions for leading movie, TV and advertising industries since 2004.(Just copied their content from Vimeo) They are insane and really complicated, I just love their complicated animation structures with hell lots of particles,flares and elements around all over the animation… A Must Watch for every motion artist !

STV News Report from N3 on Vimeo.

  • Psyop.com –  They an uncommon name that’s help me to remember.  I used to follow this site because of their fluidity with watercolor style work and artistic sense. Though now couldnt find out those old works in their website but still some stuffs are soothing to my eyes . worth visiting …Emerge_Grid_07
  • Giantoctopus –  Its been quite long time after I am visiting this website, I remembered this site’s address because of such different  uncommon name ” giantoctopus” .  This studio is truly Giant in creativity and their specialty on Broadcast motion graphics. Huge directory of amazing works and a must follow for budding motion graphics artist.


  • Dixonbaxi –   Their tagline is “Changing things for the better through creativity”. They have an impressive list of clients and growing rapidly. Good food for thought!

DixonBaxi | History Global Rebrand H Stings from DixonBaxi on Vimeo.


I know there are very big and famous studios available on internet and they are on my following lists too. I will come up with another post with such big studios. Till now , Happy designing.

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