Do you really love to give life to your static thoughts ?

What is Ident, opening intro, kinetic typography, opener, lower thirds ?

If you are a motion graphics artist , you are familiar with above words.But If u wanna become one then here I gonna give short descriptions of such ‘lingo’

But first of all to start your journey as Mograph artist, you have to be multi tasking and precisely a multifaceted personality ! ( My own opinion though).

Do you really love to give life to a static thoughts ? like to scream with your visuals? then this field is for you and you must dive into it !

Mograph is a hot cake and every where in this digital world, so this is the high time for all who wants to become a Mograph artist.

the new age of motion graphics exists in all digital platforms as well as electronic media … From  film industry, TV channel to mobile platform like apps , video ex plainer, title animation,corporate presentation, documentary, short films, promo packaging…phew …name a few. And it is speculated that in future it will grow stronger due to huge digital media growth and its requirements.

Nowadays selling is all about visual candy and motion graphics artist is the master of doing such job. So, you can realize the potentiality of this field .But above all , you need to be good enough to earn big bucks or get your fame working on big projects and your ‘constant-urge-to-do-something-new’ abilities will help you to reach there.

I would like to give small descriptions about some motion graphics types that a Mograph artist usually deliver to clients

1. Ident :~ This technical word generally use in television film industry for main logo animation to show the channel identity. there are several style animations for one logo or can be longer and shorter versions both. We most of the time see it on our favourite TV channel or before starting a movie. It can be a total graphical animation or merged with beautifully shoot footage which gives an identity to a specific channel genre. Here are few examples of some famous idents .

2. Title animation or Name credit : ~

When you enjoy a Hollywood film or watch an eye candy commercial on TV… remember there is a contribution of A Mo-graphic artist . Name credit is an integral part of film and considered as a part of  art.
It’s often been classified as motion graphics, title design, titlesequences and animated credits. So title animation is such art where you can implement creative idea, story telling and graphical animation while showing name titles.

3. Explainer video or white board animation : ~ you have installed an app in your mobile but confused how to use it… What would you do? Here comes explainer video to explain “how to use that”.

4.Kinetic typography ~  if you make typo jump, run, disappear, grow as per your concept that’s called kinetic typography. Arrangement of font or create typo artistically is typography but make them animated is kinetic typography… As simple as that !

4. Broadcast packaging :~ Broadcast packaging is a bunch of graphical elements that one TV channel can use for various reasons. It contains  Logo Openers, End Cards, Lower Thirds, Titles, Transitions, icons and buttons etc. Have a look on below links and you will get clear idea about the whole package animation.

I hope you guys got the basic idea of motion graphics animations and its various aspects.  So dive in and start creating your own identity.

Happy blogging !

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