5 AI-Powered VFX and Graphic software That will blow your mind! 1

5 AI-Powered VFX and Graphic software That will blow your mind!

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Will Robot or Artificial intelligence Replace Designers and VFX artists in the future? 

We all know Artificial Intelligence is the next future but as a designer or animator, do we know how powerful it is and how does it related to us? According to my, it is not possible for AI to overcome the creative market in another few years as they are just growing as a kid and the algorithm of creativity is limitless. But they can be a plugin to help create things with fewer efforts.

Algorithm-driven design tools can help us to construct a UI, prepare assets and content, and personalize the user experience. In motion graphics and animation, it would make it easier to animate and create presets of expressions and animation flow, recognize the pattern and suggest relevant contents.

In short, it could reduce manual work, create multiple variants at the same time, create a personalized & humanized experience and data-driven design direction. AI or artificial intelligence is everywhere in technology and the design or animation industry is no exception at all. AI-derived business will be worth 3.2 trillion by 2022 – more than the film, video game, and music industries combined. Here I have found 5 such amazing AI-powered products that will blow your mind and going to change the future of animation and graphics.

1. Luminar.ai: –  From Skylum, Luminar is The first image editor fully powered by artificial intelligence. This is a photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop but with a completely new artificial intelligence engine.  The core of LuminarAI is both faster and smarter. You get higher-quality results in far less time. You will get faster Sky Enhancer and AccentAI. All this elevates our AI capabilities and performance.  7,000+ Kinds of objects LuminarAI recognizes for improved editing and make suggestions when you use AI-powered tools or templates. 3D depth Reconstruction by determining the placement of objects leads to better results when refining depth of field or adjusting the atmosphere of an image.  There are also new and improved tools for color grading. Artistically adjust color in a photo for storytelling purposes. Quickly color grade with new Moods (powered by LUTs) or take professional control with the Color Harmony tool. Luminar AI is the new beginning for AI photo retouching tools.

2 . deepmotion :- deepmotion is not a new startup, it has been exists since 2014 and constantly evolving with new technology. This is the most path breaking effort of motion capture industry that anybody use motion capture from their phone! I always used to find out such simple solution for animators like me and deepmotion is serving the purpose with the help of Artificial intelligence AKA AI.  Deepmotion let you generate 3D animations from 2D videos using any browser, perform 3D body tracking in real-time on your mobile device, and revolutionize your VR experiences with full body 3D avatars. You can create your freemium account on the website and get 30 seconds of animations free everymonth , also Export FBX, BVH, GLB, and MP4. 

3. Nvidia canvas :- What about Use AI to turn simple brushstrokes into realistic landscape images? Nvidia brought an amazing AI based software for concept artists and matte painters. Create backgrounds quickly, or speed up your concept exploration so you can spend more time visualizing ideas.Paint simple shapes and lines with a palette of real world materials, like grass or clouds. Then, in real-time, our revolutionary AI model fills the screen with show-stopping results. Don’t like what you see? Swap a material, changing snow to grass, and watch as the entire image changes from a winter wonderland to a tropical paradise. The creative possibilities are endless.

4. Adobe Substance3d :- One upon a time people used to create meterials by their own after spending lot of time infront of 3d software and photoshop. Substance 3D came and everything changed in meterial world! As their headline is “Go from physical to digital in a blink” ! this is the power of AI to Transform real-world pictures into 3D materials in a blink without hustle and Substance 3D is serving the purpose! Easily import a reference photo and transform it into a high-quality 3D material with features powered by Adobe Sensei. Closely match the original real-life surface and create seamless tileable materials from your captures. Combine multiple materials and parametric filters to create more advanced surfaces. Access thousands of materials on Substance 3D Assets and Substance 3D Community Assets. The possibilities are endless. Drag and drop your image, add a couple of prebuilt filters and you get the result. A library of one-click generators, filters and effects lets you quickly experiment and get results in just a few clicks. Send your assets directly to Substance 3D Painter and Stager. Use generators and filters from Designer, composite light environments for Stager or send materials and lights to Painter. You can even edit your 2D inputs directly in Adobe Photoshop. Choose from a variety of export presets for all major 3D apps. What more you need to ask ?

5. DeepFaceLab : DeepFaceLab is the leading software for creating deepfakes and it is free to use. Nowdays deepfake technology or deepfake AI is most talking subject on internet and there are many apps on your phone that you can replace your face with superheroes too. But DeepfaceLab is more accurate to swape your face with exact expressions and emotions! What can DeepFaceLab do? It can change or swipe  the face of-course!  De-age the face, replace the face and manipulates the lips ! sounds scary but this is the future is coming where your face will be replaced by anyone. This is the power of artificial intelligence. It is free to download and use, I had tried and had fun too.

So here are top five artificial intelligence powered software that has the capability to change the future . most of them here are free to use and you can try at your own computer. Hope my contents make you feel happy and enlighten. If so, please subscribe my channel and share my content.

Stay safe and be hungry for knowledge. 

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