Cactus World To Launch First NFT Kids TV Show 1

Cactus World To Launch First NFT Kids TV Show

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Lilly an Adorable Cactus of Cactus World

Lilly | Cactus World

Cactus World Cast

Cactus World Cast

An adorable group of cacti break the NFT mold with Oscar winning led team launching a kids TV show that uses NFTs to cast the shows stars.

VANCOUVER, CANADA, December 31, 2021 / — The cutest metaverse in the universe is about to launch! What have adorable cacti, 3D models and NFTs got in common? Well, they’re all about to be part of the first-ever NFT TV show and so are hundreds of collectors, fans and curious non-cacti. The world of NFT (non-fungible tokens) has been growing and getting more and more creative, with artists, musicians and developers pushing the technology into unchartered territory. Now a pair of Oscar and Golden Globe winning VFX artists have created a visually stunning, irresistible and environmentally conscious way to get involved with the launch of Cactus World.

Cactus World will offer the opportunity to be part of a kid friendly TV show with your own, unique cactus character. Collectors will be able to buy a Cactus Seed NFT, which makes them a Founder of Cactus World, benefitting from exclusive rewards, intellectual property revenue sharing and access to the Cactus World community through the exclusive Discord channels. They also get a rare Cactus World collectable 2D NFT, and a matching 3D model that can be used in the metaverse and featured in the show. As the world and community grows the super cute cactus NFTs will find their place within a new TV show, game, metaverse and currency.

Cactus World was built by two passionate VFX artists, who have worked for many years on TV, Movies, Cinematics and Feature Animation. Past work includes: Walking with Dinosaurs, Black Panther, Thor Ragnarock, World of Warcraft, Aquaman, Smallfoot, Spider-man Into Spiderverse, Godzilla II, Over the Moon. Based on their previous experience Leo Krajden and Abel Vargas would like to apply their knowledge to expand this world and create something unique, immersive and community-driven.

This is a NFT project with a cause – 1% of all transactions will be distributed to charity by The Cactus Foundation Fund. The money will support reforestation, ecological charities, sustainable developments and promoting research into technologies that will affect the future of our planet. Although Cactus World is entirely digital, it aims to make a real impact on the physical world through this sustainable ethos and effort.

Cactus World will also be supporting children and adult education by offering yearly grants for kids to attend college through their Cacti College Fund. A portion of the proceeds will go to kids and adults looking to break into a career in 3D art and animation where the project leaders will act as direct mentors.

Cactus World will launch on 01.22.22 / 11AM Pacific. Join the Cactus World Discord and follow on Twitter for announcements, giveaways, updates, and more.

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Cactus World To Launch First NFT Kids TV Show 2

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