Celsys Releases ‘Clip Studio Paint’ Ver.1.12.0 1

Celsys Releases ‘Clip Studio Paint’ Ver.1.12.0

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Celsys Releases ‘Clip Studio Paint’ Ver.1.12.0 2 Digital comic platform WEBTOON has teamed up with Celsys to make technical improvements to the company’s illustration, manga, webcomic, and animation app, Clip Studio Paint. The Ver.1.12.0 update was released globally on May 26 across all platforms and provides added support for exporting text layers in Adobe Photoshop format files (PSD/PSB).

Clip Studio Paint is used by creators around the world to create comics and webcomics. These works are increasingly being translated into multiple languages to cater to global audiences. In response to user requests (by creators, publishers, and webcomic studios) the upgrade supports the popular Photoshop file format which is widely used in editing workflows and improving the compatibility of text data embedded in artwork files.

Now Photoshop-format text layers can be exported from Clip Studio Paint, streamlining the process, and reducing the costs associated with retyping text in Photoshop and promoting the distribution of translated content.

Exporting of text layers in Adobe Photoshop PSD/PSB formats:

More information is available here.

Source: Celsys, Inc.

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