Top 10 insane Digital Crypto NFT artists 1

Top 10 insane Digital Crypto NFT artists

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Nowadays internet is flooding with crypto arts and news of NFT, so what is crypto art? And how NFT is related to this art? As per Wikipedia, Crypto art (also stylized as CryptoArt or Cryptoart) is a category of art related to blockchain technology. Emerging as a niche genre of artistic work following the development of blockchain networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in the mid to late 2010s, crypto art quickly grew in popularity in large part because of the unprecedented ability afforded by the underlying technology for purely digital artworks to be bought, sold, or collected by anyone in a decentralized manner. A non-fungible token is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files. Here I have searched my top 10 insane surrealist artists from Instagram. Most of them are selling their works on several NFT platforms..

1. Alexis Christodoulou

My First pick is Alexis Christodoulou, he  is a self-taught 3D artist whose works focus on imaginary architecture. He is inspired by a lifelong fascination with digital worlds and 3D graphics since he played video games as a boy. The images he creates are a simple extension of his desire to see fantastic heavenly like surreal spaces come to life echoing a modern and clean aesthetic. I have not much idea whether is sells these as NFT or not but you can check his links that I have provided on my below description.

2. Erik Ferguson

Erik Ferguson is a Norwegian artist who owes his fame to his weird animations. His projects include big names like Guardians of the Galaxy and The Horrors. His creatures are anthropomorphic monsters, but also mishmashes of body parts, and even organs. His realistic and believable texture of  tissues and muscles are amazing. His creatures are Rasch and Hairless characters , crawls and gives you an eerie feeling.

3. Oliver Latta

Oliver is a German graphic designer. However, he’s gained popularity thanks to his 3D artworks. You might have seen his works on Instagram or shared by your friend. Oliver opened an Instagram account to showcase his artworks, and in about two years he’s gained more than 800K followers. His fame got him international clients like Valentino and MSI Gaming. His unique 3D animations feature humans and body parts. The all-pink palette, t and the slow movements of his elastic figures make his artworks ethereal and non-threatening. But, if you take a better look, this fun kind of animation becomes a disturbing dark imaginary world.

4. Kouhei Nakama is a Japanese artist, working as Visual Art Director. He’s famous for his several music videos, where he combines animation with mathematical formulas. Specially I love his wired expermentation with characters. His human characters look rubbery and flexible, and they are distorted, twisted, and even broken apart and re-morphed together in synch. The effect is a surreal mix of limbs following geometric patterns kind of creating a human kaleidoscope. He is very much present in Crypto market like foundation dot app and you can buy his NFT there

5. helmut_breineder

Austrian born Helmut Breineder a motion designer is a visual super-hero. Inspired by names like the film god and enigma Stanley Kubrick right through to the 15 century Dutch painter Hieronymos Boschhave, Helmut Breinder’s life consists of two creative egos. By day he applies his mind to corporate projects pushing some of the top brands to an eager audience fed an addictive diet of capitalism: ‘more, more, more.’

By night Helmut Breineder delves into personal creative wanderings satiating ‘his passion for animation’. Psychedelic, occasionally uncomfortable, sometimes funny but always intriguing, his visual creations draw you.

Vibrant colours accost the eyes; tailored sounds stimulate the ears-it’s sensory stimulation that invigorates.

6. Reuko (Rob Milus) is a 3D motion graphics and video game artist based in Oslo, Norway. He creates hypnotic wind sculptures by simulating clouds of dust and light, using a mix of Unreal Engine, Blender, and World Creator. He draws a deep inspiration from the visceral elements of nature, mesmerized by flowing wind currents and vast glacial rivers, massive storm clouds, and eroded landscapes. The NFT creator/collector community has given a massive jolt to him and many other creators with an inspiration to collaborate together on many interesting new projects.

Check link in story to buy

7. Originally from Texas, Hayden is a 3D artist and self-taught animator based in New York. Known as “zolloc” on Instagram, he produces monochromatic endless looping GIF art. He’s worked on several projects for renowned brands like Vans, WIRED Magazine, and MTV.

His hypnotic artworks bring the viewer into a nightmarish dimension, made of vivid colors that contrast with his dark imagination. His GIFs feature universes within universes, morphing limbs, mashups of moving body parts, human clones, and pulsing geometrical shapes. Each GIF is a miniature journey into a familiar but, at the same time, eerie world that makes the viewer feel uneasy. Hyden Zezula

8. Antoni Tudisco

Antoni Tudisco is a graphic designer/digital artist hailing from Hamburg, Germany. Tudisco has worked for numerous clients, such as Coca-Cola, Reebok Woman, VANS Indonesia, and MTV Philippines among many others. In fact, his works and clients may be more than of those who are much older than him.

9.Esteban Diácono –  

Self taught, he has worked in almost every aspect of the visual communication world like graphic design, editing, color grading, post production, compositing and 2D before sticking to what he truly loves, 3D animation and experimental projects. His metallic style human figures are eye catching and a perfect piece for crypto art. His creations are rubbery, soft body organic parts , like hands or hearts. These loop arts are worth checking.

10. Glass Crane is the pseudonym of Steven McCorry, an American digital artist and VJ. He works primarily in 3D, using a variety of bleeding-edge software and techniques to create mind-bending psychedelic images and surreal animations.

As a self-taught graphic designer, Steven worked for several years as an independent commercial artist, creating branding, merchandise, and album artwork for a variety of popular musical artists, record labels, and businesses.

Today, his focus is on pushing the boundaries of digital art, learning and practicing new techniques, collaborating with other visionary artists, and creating unique artworks for digital art collectors.

Since minting his first NFT on the blockchain via SuperRare in 2020, Glass Crane has been an early and active participant in the ever-growing NFT space and a fervent advocate of the crypto art movement.

There are many digital animators or motion graphics artist joined NFT platforms and minting money. Check them out on instagram , who knows, one day you will be one of the top NFT art seller. If you love my video and content, please drop a comment, or give your suggestion. Share my video to others and help me grow.

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