How is new-age animation being used in digital marketing? 1

How is new-age animation being used in digital marketing?

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It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to mention that animation is one of the foremost dynamic and fastest-growing industries within the world. Having been firmly related to entertainment for years, It’s already been making inroads into other areas, including advertising, marketing, and interactive experiences, to call a couple of. In today’s digital world, it might be an error for marketers to neglect such a development. So, we’ll check out a number of the foremost important animation trends that simply digital marketers should search for.

1. 3D CGI or 2D CGI?

There isn’t much to back this up yet, so you’ll rather be skeptical, but we believe that 3D CGI finally began to lose its appeal after twenty years of being mainstream. Currently, 2D CGI animation tools have trapped and overtaken 3D in terms of quality. Taking into consideration that 2D animation is far more diverse and allows more room for experimentation and private style, we are likely to ascertain the utilization of 3D animation dropping. For marketers, this suggests it’s going to be an honest idea to concentrate your efforts and a spotlight on 2D animation when developing your marketing materials.

2. Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation is nothing new – actually, it’s the oldest sort of animation. However, within the past year, it’s become widespread within the marketing segment thanks to the event of easy-to-use, powerful tools that make it accessible even for those with no background in animation. This trend is probably going to still grow over a minimum of subsequent few years.

Whiteboard animation is particularly useful for marketers because it makes for excellent explainer videos and is extremely easy to urge into – just install the required software, find a comprehensive guide, spend a few of hours studying it, and you’ll produce simple, effective whiteboard animations.

3. Motion graphics

Motion graphics is additionally gaining popularity. The software automatically creates intermediary positions to make an illusion of movement, therefore the objects you create appear to be moving rather than just changing several positions on the screen. The advantage of this sort of animation is that it isn’t purely cartoon-like and may use many various sorts of imagery, from human-like characters to letters to infographics. It makes for attractive, vibrant, and informative videos.

5. AR/VR

Although AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) technologies are around for a few times, only within the past few years have they began to become available for mainstream use. Only the foremost innovative companies use these technologies so far because they require considerable investment and expertise. Nevertheless, they will create immersive and interesting stories. AR and VR have the facility to draw clients to your campaign and cause you to a trendsetter in your industry – they’ll present a chance you can’t afford to neglect.

6.Animated Web series:

They are on the increase for the last 10 years approximately, and as production technologies get more and more available to average notebooks users, they’re shifting from entertainment to the advertising industry. Many brands today are creating or sponsoring animated web series to sell their product. If series are amusing and compelling, current and potential customers will come to observe new episodes, establishing closer, more human relationships with brands.

Animation technology is undergoing rapid change due to new devloped artificial intelligence. Nowadays production costs are becoming less, less manpower needed to create animation, and this opportunity developing a huge market of freelancers worldwide. Digital marketers have more access to freelancers and they are getting animated products on a low-cost rates.

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