Maxon Caps off June with Maxon One Toolset Updates 1

Maxon Caps off June with Maxon One Toolset Updates

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Maxon Caps off June with Maxon One Toolset Updates 2

June was a big month for Maxon, as the company announced a slew of enhancements and updates for the Maxon One toolset. The Cinema 4D update comes in tandem with ongoing Redshift development, key improvements, and compatibility updates to Red Giant tools. All updates are available immediately to subscribers of individual tools and Maxon One.

Cinema 4D 26.1 includes an enhanced Node UI and improvements to Simulation, Fields, and Volume Modeling, in addition to numerous fixes and workflow enhancements. New features include:

  • New curvature option for fields and smooth bevels in Volume Modeling.
  • The Node UI includes an upgrade in appearance and interaction.
  • “Edit Asset as Group” command allows to directly explore and edit existing Capsules directly from the Object Manager.

Maxon One subscription value-added offerings include:

  • Capsules library adds assets for photorealistic rendering, including Surface Imperfections, HDRIs, and Redshift Materials.
  • A pack of high-end Redshift ArchViz Materials created by design Studio Fuchs und Vogel has been added to the Maxon Capsules collection (quickly accessed by searching ‘fv-rs’ in the Materials/Redshift category of Cinema 4D’s Asset Browser).
  • A set of twelve interior and exterior HDR images have been added from Jorgen HDRI to create realistic lighting and reflections (also quickly found by searching ‘jhdri’ in the Asset Browser).

Cinema 4D’s powerful Fields and Field Forces can now influence cloth and rope simulations. As a result, the performance of the simulations has improved, and the Cloth collisions have been enhanced.

The Volume Builder now features an improved performance thanks to OpenVDB 9; Booleans can now be smoothed based on a radius.

Advanced MoGraph artists can now use any object’s Curvature in Fields to define the strength of falloffs, clones’ colors, or field forces’ alignment. For example, use vectors from curvature to align clones or generate field forces based on the concavity of objects.


Recent updates include ‘bokeh’ depth-of-field in Redshift RT and blackbody temperature controls for volume shading. When rendering using the CPU, artists will find improved performance and, with the addition of Round Corners, enjoy full feature compatibility with GPU.

Red Giant

Trapcode Suite 18.1 introduces time-based mapping to complete the Layer Maps feature-set in Particular. Additionally, the Grow Bounds utility now runs natively on M1 machines, with the service pack including several bug fixes for Particular, Form, and 3D Stroke. Magic Bullet 16.1 brings Halation and Diffusion to Cinema 4D – letting artists add film-like bloom and aberration to their renders in Cinema 4D. The main focus of PluralEyes 4.1.12 and Universe 6.1 are workflow and compatibility. PluralEyes 4.1.12 adds Vegas Pro 18 and 19 and RED Komodo compatibility, fully restoring compatibility with FCPX. Universe 6.1 provides improved support for AMD graphics cards and several bug fixes across various Universe tools. VFX Suite 3.1 improves Real Lens Flares’ performance and includes several bug fixes.

All updates are immediately available to subscribers via Maxon App and the Maxon website.

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