Method Studios Now Formally Working Under Framestore Banner 1

Method Studios Now Formally Working Under Framestore Banner

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Method Studios Now Formally Working Under Framestore Banner 2

Melbourne-based Method Studios (formerly Iloura) is now formally working under the Framestore banner, a move initiated as part of the acquisition first announced in November 2020.  Method is now fully part of Framestore‘s award-winning global studio, which spans four continents with 11 studios and a creative remit that includes film, episodic, advertising, installations, theme park rides, and immersive entertainment.

The final phase of integrating the Australian VFX house into its global host is underway, with Method Studios’ Canadian film and episodic teams already incorporated into the Framestore pipeline. The Melbourne team will continue to deliver its current slate of in-production film and episodic projects with plans to migrate exclusively to Framestore’s pipeline as of January 2023. As part of Framestore’s more extensive expansion plans, the studio has already significantly increased its capacity in Vancouver, Montreal, and Mumbai, with its global team of artists, producers, and technologists increasing by 40%.

Method Studios Now Formally Working Under Framestore Banner 3 Simon Rosenthal, leader of the Melbourne team, now takes his place among Framestore’s global management team headed by the chief executive officer, Film & Episodic, Fiona Walkinshaw.

“We’ve always admired the Melbourne team’s work, and partnering with them on Disney’s Christopher Robin showed us that they are kindred spirits in terms of outlook, ethos, and commitment to excellence,” noted Walkinshaw. “The team has a well-deserved reputation for superior, nuanced character animation and deft-touch VFX work, and all of this makes them a perfect fit for Framestore’s growing global offer. The fact that they’re such an established and respected part of Australia’s industry speaks for itself, and their deep understanding of the country’s production landscape will be a tremendous boon to our company and to our clients.”

The Melbourne team’s most recent projects include Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis, Joseph Kosinski’s Spiderhead (Netflix), and George Miller’s Three Thousand Years of Longing.

Framestore’s broader slate of recent and upcoming film and episodic projects includes Top Gun: Maverick, Thor: Love and Thunder, The Little Mermaid, Moon Knight, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, 1899, Beast, Slumberland, His Dark Materials S3, Ms. Marvel, The School For Good and Evil, Outer Range, Foundation S2, The Wheel of Time S2, Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, Peter Pan and Wendy, The Sandman, and Men.

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