Midjourney Hack: 1000+ AI Art Styles in 1 Keyword

Midjourney Hack: 1000+ AI Art Styles in 1 Keyword

1000+ Styles in this Google Sheet:

Backup Export as a Website (if the link is overloaded you can always download this ):

I’m gonna be showing you a really cool way to enhance your AI art generator called Midjourney! We’re gonna be using the name of an artist as a keyword to totally change the output of the generator to match the style of the artist you choose. I’ll also be showcasing a great resource by Randolin which contains over 1000 artists organized into different categories. Plus, I’ll be emphasizing that adding the artist keyword to the prompt creates a template for the output and makes the result more specific while making the art more like the work of the chosen artist. So don’t forget to check out the video and give it a try yourself!

🎨/imagine character, shady super coder, wearing a hoodie, laptop, green gray + add a names of the artist

0:00 Your unique template /pro tip included/
1:47 How this work
2:50 Gamechanger
4:33 Be the best at it

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