Top 10 Motion Graphics Inspirations and Trends for 2021 1

Top 10 Motion Graphics Inspirations and Trends for 2021

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Motion Graphics have become integral assets for innovative promotion and showcasing. They constantly fuel different kinds of promotions and shape an entirely different approach to introduce products and that’s why the trends are keep changing time to time and bringing opportunity to the digital marketers in this digital world. From traditional method of animation to mix media and virtual reality, motion graphics is capable to adapt the current psychology of viewers and help business to grow vertically.

Here I have churned out top 10 motion graphics trends that will be heavily following in the year 2021 ion

1.Hyper surrealism

Hyper surrealism is relatively a new word in motion graphics field. this kind of animation combines surreal world merged into digital real world. as per Wikipedia this word originated from art and painting method of mixing two media. Ash Throp is one of the famous name of Hyper surrealism animation and art work.

2. Kinetic typography

Kinetic typography is not a new name in motion graphics but I think from the birth of motion graphics word, Text animation has been associating with motion graphics. To capture the attention and give proper information, animated texts takes the lead role. In this year 2021, kinetic text motion posters will defiantly catch our eyes.

3. Mixed Media:

Mixed media is always interesting to follow due to its own unique identity. Merging two different medias like 2d and video footage or digital drawings with 3d animation create an eye candy for sure.

4. Hyper-minimalism:

What is hyper minimalism? Hyper minimalism is to take a complex subject and reduce it to a simple representational language, easily understandable to the layman. This trend is on rise now in digital advertising space and I am sure in the future Hyper minimalism will be one of the main trends in motion graphics field. 


Thanks to all superhero films, fantasy user interface or FUI is one of the common trends in motion graphics since last few years. Due to the demand of AI powered apps interface, FUI Design is taking very important part in motion designers job. It is fascinating, super cool and also fun to create.


As science fiction stories has given verdict that human future is going to be on hand of machines and that’s why Cyberpunk Design style is on the rise. As per the dictionary, Cyberpunk is a genre of science fiction set in a lawless subculture of an oppressive society dominated by computer technology.

7. Neumorphism :

A totally new term in motion design field. “Neumorphism” is a new slang term in design circles.  It is the combination of the words “new” and “skeuomorphism”. Essentially, it’s a new, minimal way to design with a soft, extruded or bevelled  plastic look. It’s almost as if the interface has been vacuum-formed. 


Infinite loop animation is cool to watch on screen, this never ending loop-able video gives a trans kind of feeling. This loop can be on 2D or 3D animation. This kind of animations are More popular on Instagram and facebook.  


Motion design or animated elements for user interface was on trending last year and this year also will take its place. Animated elements are much more attractive than a static design and thats why more and more organization incorporating animation on their apps or websites. Motion Design for UI is minimal and user friendly, they interact with the data and gives a simpler layout to understand things easily.


This style of animation is similar to Neumorphism but not minimal. As the name suggest soft 3d motion, it doesnt have much complicated realistic texture, sharpen edges and super glossy feel but has very soft shadows and ambiance occlusion, simple rubbery or plastic texture. This trend will have long run in Motion graphics field for sure. 

Hope, you guys liked these 10 trends of motion graphics in the year 2021. Motion graphics evolving everyday, merging with Artificial intelligence and creativity. If you can find any new trends of motion design, please feel free to post your comments. 

Till then, Stay safe and keep your creative hunger high. 

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