10 motion graphics works so far in 2020 1

10 motion graphics works so far in 2020

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As we all know This year is a chaotic and most difficult year for human existence. But creativity is stubborn and still uprising in this era. This year also given us more time to explore own self, learn more and stay positive.
So without wasting more time, lets get into it.
1. The first video which I stumbled upon is “On being”.
an animated poetry is an excellent example of creative motion graphics by Jocie Juritz. The unique part of this piece is , Each frames hand painted in gouache paint, directly onto the pages of the original book. Those frames were then printed out. Using a light-box. Once they were all coloured , Jocie scanned each page, then placed each frame in position on After Effects.
A hell lot of time consuming work I must say! a masterpiece indeed…Keep creating such amazing stuff Jocie!

2. Ólafur Arnalds – WOVEN SONG
Have you heard the word “ viscous fingering” yet? “viscous fingering is a process of acrylic or oil color pouring and interact with one another and creating an uneven, or fingered, profile. Interesting is not it?
This piece is a perfect example of how viscous fingering technique creates an amazing fractal patterns. In This one, Ólafur Arnalds created a trippy and hallucinatory space and that’s why I kept this one on second position.

3. Cyberpunk 2020 by Ahmed Mohsen.
I have a bad habit of being addicted by cyberpunk stuff, whether it is a color combination or the futuristic Utopian style attracts me a lot.
The imagination of neon light city in a romantic rainy mood, camera fly throughout the city passes by big digital billboards ads everywhere fascinate me a lot. Lets check this out

4. League of Legends | We are One.
I liked this piece , because it has a great combination of 2d, 3d and real life footage. The animation is dramatic and vibrant and I specially love their dynamic camera movement. São Paulo based studio Histeria! Created an amazing piece of opening show for the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL) finals.

5. Colorful Neumorphism ! what is this neumorphism ?
Well, neumorphism or soft UI, is a visual style that combines background colors, shapes, gradients, highlights, and shadows to ensure graphic intense buttons and switches. All that allows achieving a soft, extruded plastic look, and almost 3D styling. Gleb Kuznetsov and Milkinside create design languages that do more than interact with users—they represent and interact with our world.

6. Spooky-Loops – These Gif spooky loops are amazing to watch. They are sort of Van Gogh painting style and surrealistic approach created these Gif animations more spooky and dark then ever. Stas Santimov is a motion designer from Ukraine and known for his very unique style of creation.

7. Citrix Brand Film created by BUCK NY and Anthony Furlong is a perfect example of work from home. They established a new way of working with remote talent around the world, even conducting a live action shoot over FaceTime from across the country, to create a brand film that all in stunning 4k. I specially liked their choice of vibrant colors, basic 3d shapes and perfect syncing with real footage and thoughts. It is surely an example of the new normal time.

8.If you want to express your thoughts in a new video language which consists of simplistic 3d abstract shapes animation with eye smoothing colors, I would recommend you this piece of motion design – “Logitech-Work-Better-at-Home”. the cool morphing, characters’ bodies invisible felt like the perfect way to communicate ergonomics in a very subconscious level. Watch it and you will surely like it!

9. Dream Translator is an animated film which caught my eyes while I was browsing behance.net.
Taiwan based studio Foresters created this amazing piece of animated film. The use of colors is not pale or dark but bright and clean gradients gives illusive feel. While watching this video, I find a feeling of into the dream myself. This piece is multi dimensional, delusional, mix of 3d and hand painted 2D animation , surrealistic and with perfect trippy sound… a combination of all ingredients of motion-graphics.

10. “Ancient secrets” a Program Packaging for National Geographic Channels is a perfect piece to get inspired from. A perfect composited animation with world’s most enduring and infamous structures, legends, and icons. This kind of kaleidoscopic infinity motion work is not very new style but it looks mysterious and nice.

So guys, this is my best 10 motion graphics pieces so far in 2020. I know I might have missed lots of other amazing works…please feel free to mention them in my comment box.
Till then, stay safe, create more and dream a lot !

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