OpenAI Wanted To Improve Humanity. Now They Just Want Profit.

OpenAI Wanted To Improve Humanity. Now They Just Want Profit.

By now, I’m sure you’re all familiar with OpenAI. They’re the company behind the explosive success: ChatGPT. While OpenAI has knocked it out of the park with ChatGPT, there are actually several concerns behind the intentions of OpenAI and their future outlook. You see, OpenAI was originally founded as a non-profit by several billionaires and companies. But, over time, their altruistic vision has slowly withered away. A couple of years ago, OpenAI switched from being a non-profit to becoming a capped-profit company. This doesn’t really mean much though as the cap for profit is a whopping 100X. This attracted several companies and venture capitalists to invest in OpenAI including Microsoft. Microsoft has since become OpenAI’s biggest supporter pouring in billions of dollars and giving them access to unbelievable supercomputers. But, in the end, this has simply given the power of AI back to the big tech giants, exactly what OpenAI was trying to avoid. This video explains the slow moral deterioration of OpenAI and how they became more and more profit-driven.

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0:00 – The State Of OpenAI
2:33 – Altruistic Beginnings
6:22 – Becoming For Profit
9:35 – Big Tech Involvement
12:50 – The Future Of OpenAI

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