Our Favorite Articles of 2021

Shots of the cover images from left to right of A Ghost Story with a person covered in a white sheet with holes for eyes and Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

With 2021 coming to a close, we decided to revisit some of our favorite articles, videos, and freebies published this year.

Like most years, we pretty much wrote about every topic and subject under the video production sun. We tackled the wonderfully weird world of 3D, popular camera releases, tutorials for specific tricks in popular editing programs, and (of course) gave away a ton of FREE assets!

We tend to publish daily, so it’s easy to miss some of our posts. As such, here are some of our favorites from this past year.

A24 vs. Marvel: The Battle for the Future of Cinema

A24’s heartbreaking film A Ghost Story and Marvel’s futuristic, action/adventure film Iron Man. Images via A24 and Paramount Pictures, respectively.

This article blew up on Twitter and Reddit! On top of it being a fun read, I think the entire premise is extremely interesting and has been the subject of many conversations between me and my friends.

While writing this, I just saw a headline that Spider-Man: No Way Home just made 253 million dollars on opening weekend in the U.S., which only further complicates the theatrical business.

Obviously, movies from Marvel, and really any Disney property or recognized IP, will continue to be shown in theaters.

That being said, it’s almost certain that the smaller movies that see any sort of success on the silver screen absolutely must have some killer marketing behind it, be it from the company—like A24—or star power.

So, we’ll see what this next year brings as a new variant begins to sweep across the country, closing more activities down daily.

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Blender

Another one of my personal favorites for anybody wanting to learn Blender is this journey brought to us by our boy Jason Boone. Please read this, it’s so good!

Here at PremiumBeat, we’ve started venturing more into the 3D world. So, if you’re also new to 3D or need a refresher in some areas, be sure to stay tuned as we’ll release even more 3D articles and videos in the coming months.

FREE Week 2021!

This year’s annual FREE week was one of the best yet! By that I mean, the assets in each pack we released are more beneficial to editors than ever before.

Todd Blankenship with Film Bodega created some of the most useful animated shapes and overlays on the internet, and they’re all FREE! Todd is our new godd.

Here’s all the freebies we released:

How Bo Burnham Shot His Netflix Special Inside with a Lumix S1H

Bo Burnham’s Inside will go down in the history books for several reasons. The first: This “comedy” special will be something people study for this period in time for how the constraints of the pandemic creatively affected creators for the better . . . and worst.

The second: People will look at how technology has allowed creators to produce, shoot, and edit something like this entirely on their own.

It’s a masterpiece in self-creation and a marvelous look at what someone can do with a few lights and a capable camera.

10 After Effects Glitch Plugins You Should Check Out

It’s easy for listicles to be click-bait, or a compilation of useless links needed to fill space. But, when you find a valuable list of resources on whatever it is you’re searching for, there’s really nothing better.

Charles Yeager might just be the After Effects master, as he’s consistently made PremiumBeat’s biggest tutorials for the motion graphics program.

Glitch effects are particularly popular right now, but I also believe they’ll be around for a hot minute. So, be sure to get these plugins in your repertoire for the inevitable “glitch” request from clients.

While you’re at it, check out this additional glitch tutorial:

Also, one of our writers and video creators, John Rodriguez, published several essential beginner After Effects tutorials.

You can find them below!

The After Effects Expression Cheat Sheet: Everything I’ve Ever Wanted

Most of the time, the best inventions and creations come from a place of need, not want. The same reigns true with video editors.

Creators that work in a specific place for a long time slowly figure out what they need and what could make their life easier.

Luckily for us, Lewis McGregor and Good Boy Ninja have come through and created an expression cheat sheet for any motion graphics artist out there.

The Cameras and Lenses Behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Phase Four

Setting up a scene on the set of the Marvel series Loki
Consulting on the set of Loki. Image via Disney+.

This particular series of articles has been a PremiumBeat staple for a few years. Easily the most popular films and shows premiering right now are Marvel’s films and recent explorations onto the small screen.

The format for these articles is simple: what cameras did they use? It’s a cool way to see what some of your favorite Marvel films were shot with, as well as some behind-the-scenes insight for how they pull off the looks and sequences of these action spectacles.

Be sure to check out Parts 1-3 of this series below:

Why Shallow Focus Cinematography Is Here to Stay

A close-up of one of the zombies in the film Army of the Dead
An example of shallow depth of field in Army of the Dead. Image via Netflix.

Shooting with a shallow depth of field is nothing new to 2021. The popularity of this tactic has been a part of filmmaking for decades, and the technique of opening your aperture to allow more light in isn’t exactly going away anytime soon.

However, this year, we saw the release of a major motion picture shot entirely . . . wide open. Zack Snyder‘s Army of the Dead is one big bokeh fest. And—love it or hate it—it’s quite popular on Netflix.

So, Jourdan Aldredge breaks down this trend, and ponders whether or not more films will be shot this way. Plus, he provides tips on how to pull off a super shallow depth of field, regardless of your camera or the lighting you’re working with.

It’s been a productive 2021. Here’s hoping 2022 is just as productive. I’m sure there will be dozens of updates and releases from programs and camera manufacturers. Be sure to stay tuned as we’ll be covering everything as it happens.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in the new year!

A few more gems in the jewel box, just for you:

Cover image via Romolo Tavani.

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