What is the role of Graphics and Videos in Digital Marketing ? 1

What is the role of Graphics and Videos in Digital Marketing ?

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Graphic and Video design is an art and a neighbourhood of communication design. Nowadays, more specifically referred to communication design, graphic design is that the aesthetic and professional application of visuals and typo so on create an artwork which clearly communicates the message to its audience.

Advertising is a crucial marketing and communication tool which involves creation of brand name identity, product promotion and brand building collateral that helps a ‘brand’ to urge recognized within the market and ultimately persuade the purchasers in making purchase powered decisions!

The basic rule for successful brand marketing is to make an efficient , entertaining and persuasive communication. For this not just an excellent idea is required but it’s also imperative to shape it during a good design and supply creative visual solution. the planning thus created must be a balanced usage of space, colors, typo, layout, visuals and graphic effects. Here a graphic designer plays a really crucial role. He/she could evolve to form a thought .

It is a visible driven world. “You remember the image or any kind of image more easily, quickly and for an extended time than the text”. it’s also a incontrovertible fact that visuals catch more attention and there’s also no barrier . It’s rightly said, ‘A picture speaks louder than words’. That’s why graphic design holds a major role in marketing.

Let’s understand the large role it plays in marketing with an example!

‘Can you think that of each day without interaction with design at any instance?’ Design is everywhere and each time. Right from the morning coffee to the soap you employ , the shirt you wear, the car you drive, the laptop you’re employed on, the TV soap you watch to the mattress you comfort in, design is there in some or the opposite form!

The logo, packaging, promotion and even the merchandise itself may be a work of graphic design. And thus graphic design helps in achieving the marketing goals within the following ways.

  1. Sales booster: All the businesses are investing heavily on brand packaging and style . This increases the shelf value of the merchandise . Unique designs always attract the purchasers and are picked first.
  2. Brand identity: A logo is that the first symbol or the universal identity of a corporation or the brand. When it’s repeated in every brand communication, it becomes a brand identity.
  3. Build good brand image : an honest design wins the purchasers confidence and heart. the purchasers judge the standard of a product or services by its design. That’s why companies create new design campaigns to launch new products and highlight their qualities and features.
  4. Enhance brand recall value: many an times it happens that you simply forget the name but remember its logo. Sometimes a neat packaging, billboard or the ad campaign does this job. an honest design is that the best tool for brand recall and recognition.
  5. Convey a brand message: A design created understanding the character and mindset of the audience , always achieve delivering the proper message and to the proper people. It’s not in the least necessary to possess a highly artistic or complex design but it should be designed during a way that’s simple and appealing to the purchasers .

To sum up, graphic design is that the spine of selling communication and thus it’s always better to urge it done by the professionals and achieve the simplest leads to terms of sales and growth.

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