free c4d plugins
free c4d plugins

Top 10 Free Maxon C4D plugins

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It has been long time that I am not uploading videos, I was researching about free resorces that can be beneficial for motion graphics artists …so here I have come up with amazing top 10 free maxon cinema 4 D plugins that gonna help you to create amazing graphics without spending a dime!

1.Cinema 4D: NAVIÉ Effex

NAVIÉ Effex, the complex physics-based simulation framework for Cinema 4D, similar like realflow! is now being offered for free. It has amazing setup to create smoke, fire, water, melting lava and many more!

Why to spend money to create lequid effects while you are going to get This amazing NAVIÉ Effex is Free to use for all till now. if you are interested in dynamic simulation and visual effects platforms, Navie Effex might be worth a look.

2. Ocean generator – HOT4D –  it allows you to create Ocean that look real. HOT means Houdini Ocean Toolkit. It’s a plugin for Houdini created by Drew Whitehouse based on a Jerry Tessendorf paper.It allow you to create a surface that look like a deep ocean which is super handy and realistic! A perfect plugin for motion designers to quick create ocean surface. The plug-in is on alpha stage. It mean all functions are not implemented yet or will be remove. It is now free to use for all. There are lots of tutorials avilableon youtube.

3. DIVIDER is a Cinema 4D plugin that makes procedural subdividions on polygon meshes allowing the user to create modular – style topology and looping animation in a few clicks.Created by ALEKSEI KARPIK, this plugin can be downloaded freely at his gumroad link.

4.Netcreator : NetCreator is an open-source Cinema 4D plugin, working as a Generator Object inside C4D. it can generate splines based on different kinds of objects. NetCreator’s user interface should be very self-explanatory, all parameters would be available only when they’re allowed to. Play around for a couple of minutes and you will know how to use it.

5.Motion Drop  is the tool that I wished someone had invented a couple of years ago. It’s capabilities are endless, and the results are amazing!I’ve been working on this for a while now, and felt like this could be something useful not only for me, but for every motion artist out there. Have you ever seen those sweeped lines moving around with an organic feel, like if they really had life? Well, to create that effect is nothing new these days. The problem is that it’s a painful process, and the results sometimes end up not being very organic. Motion Drop lets you create up to 6 (I call them Drops) that randomly move around each other.

6.Reeper :

What is Reeper? Reeper is a Cinema 4D-plugin for creating ropes and similar structures along splines. Why is it called “Reeper”? Reeper means “Rope Maker” in Low German.Reeper is free for commercial and non-commercial use, without any restrictions.

7.The illuminati – this free plugin is not about the secret society that rules the world. This one is a simple tool to illuminate your scene in cinema 4D. the best part is that illuminati plugin helps render your scene faster.

8. FlockModifier is a modifier object for the good old standard particle system im CINEMA 4D. It allows to easily apply the behavior of flocks, swarms or schools to the particles. The modifier uses a distributed behavioral model, as described by Craig Reynolds on his 1987 SIGGRAPH paper “Flocks, Herds, and Schools: A Distributed Behavioral Model”. Several of the classic “Reynolds Rules” are implemented.

9. Spider web : Are you a fan of spiderman? Then this plugin is for you! Spider web is a small free generator for cinema 4D to create spider webs very easily and quickly. You can render with hair by adding a hair tag on the generator or simply edit the generator and use a sweep nurbs. 

10. Gelatine is one such amazing free cinema4d deformer that gives an elastic effect to your animated objects Like the Jiggle deformer, but with other features . this has More flabby effect,  Work with multiple objects and Easier to use, with a simple falloff curve.

So, with the help of such amazing free tools , I hope you guys will create some amazing stuff for sure.

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