Top 10 Motion Graphics Animation Trends 2022 1

Top 10 Motion Graphics Animation Trends 2022

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Hi guys! here is my top 10 motion graphics animation trends of the year 2022

Hi, Dezinejunkie here again and it’s time for a Trend Roundup of 2022.  

 Also, I am going to share all links to a collection of the featured items that can be found in the description below.

1. Oddly Satisfying / Hypnotic 3D Animation: Thanks to the fascinating universe of NFTs, the option to tokenize digital artworks, as well as the sudden emergence of a marketplace where you can trade them, have opened up new possibilities for artists. Within this arena, a genre of animation known as oddly satisfying videos has stood out as one of the most highly valued forms of digital art. So, What is Oddly Satisfying Videos? As the name suggests, they are oddly satisfying videos or animated Gifs showing sequences or moments that are surprisingly pleasurable to watch. The pleasure brought about by watching these videos might be down to the order of the elements, the hypnotic and predictable dynamic between the objects. There are quite a few youtube channels that are catching the eye of viewers and some Instagram accounts are pretty famous for this kind of animation.

2. Fantasy 3D animation: the next trend is a pure 3D extravaganza,  and I would like to say them “fantasy 3d animation”. it was there 10 years ago and is still trending. 3D motion graphics has always taken a special place in trending but nowadays the trend is not to create super-realistic 3d animation but to create a fantasy environment around the product. cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds max, blender, and Houdini are being used to create such a fantasy 3D atmosphere. This kind of animation, mostly being used for creating big commercials or product introductions. They are high in budget and generally created by big production houses. Most mobile phone companies love to launch their new product in this way.

3. motion collage: motion collage is undoubtedly trending for the last few years. so, What is exactly the motion collage thing? Well, Now-days experimental motion collages are on the rise.  Lots of illustrations, photos, animations, and digital footage are combined to create a collage look and feel and the result is a curated collection of influences that work together to tell a dynamic story. We can see this style of animation in music videos and digital brand promotion.   

4. Oh no! Kinetic typography again?

Text is a major component of Motion Graphics and this style trend will never fade away from the history of motion graphics! There are liquid texts animation, abstract text style, isometric text animation, and more! kinetic typography used in advertisements, websites, music videos, and title sequences for movies and TV shows and whatnot!

There are two places I go to download or create kinetic typography stuff. one is Envato and another is AEjuice. Click on my Envato and AE juice links to explore the world of typography animation.

  1. If we are looking back at the past few years, the most commonly used style is “Glitch”. This trend is all about disruption Distortion, error, bad reception, and digital noise. The glitch style of animation gives video creative permission to add some kinds of errors and accidents. frankly speaking,  this glitch animation basically celebrates imperfections on the screen. Glitch style is associated with cyberpunk or futuristic animation and is hugely being used in the digital promotion to attract customers.   there are easy glitch packs on several platforms like AE juice, Motion array, Envato, etc where you can download and add them to your project.

6. Isometric animation: Isometric animation originated from isometric designs. This trend was originally used in technical drawing but motion designers adopt this design and started animating them. The approach is also used by motion designers who is looking to introduce a 3D feel into their 2D animations will give a unique perspective to the 3Drenders . the term isometric is derived from the Greek word for equal measure.  and traditional isometric objects a mathematically accurate rendering of objects on an isometric grid where every Dimension aligns to the same scale of projection. they look like 3D but don’t follow exact 3D rules.  there are lots of amazing explainer videos on the internet uses Isometric style.

  1. Line art Animation :  Minimal and thin line drawing is must for icons and explainer video characters. And thus, the line animation introduced in motion graphics field.  This line art is super creative and a series of images connected with a single line. This artistic style of animation being used in explainer video and product promotions.  
  1. Cyberpunk  : Cyberpunk is the word of coming future and don’t need any introduction. This style is everywhere on internet and social media since NFT has started and also associated with glitch style of animation. This neon infused futuristic environment is a must attraction for new generation. Cyberpunk style animation can be found on AE juice and Envato website. Follow my links on description and get to try them on your own.
  1. Experimental animation: Experimental and Indie animation is a part where people presenting their creative skills with different kind of graphics styles. They are called hyper surreal animation too. They are different from typical 2D or 3D animation rather, hand drawn, mix media or vector animation. You generally find them on vimeo and behance. They are trippy but in the same time super creative.   
  1. Abstract Info-graphics explainer:  Info graphics is not a new word for sure but this new style of animation consists abstract geometric shapes to explain a subject with their fluid smooth animation without using any typical icons. I look at them and get amazed by the creativity…this kind of animation style is super cool and super expressive too.  

So, here are my top 10 motion graphics animation trends for this year. If you come up with some new trends or styles, feel free to comment below and I will include them in my next video.

Till then, have a good year ahead.

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