Top 10 Typography Animation trends in 2020 1

Top 10 Typography Animation trends in 2020

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Top 10 Typography Animation trends in 2020

So everybody is talking about the dark side of this year 2020, but if you see on the other way ... 
its the year of self realization, re-invent self interest and get time to create more without getting distracted by cacophony.

I love motion graphics because of the constantly evolving character of Motion graphics design makes it extremely interesting and vast in nature. Without wasting more time, today lets get to know the current trends of Typography. Typography is one of the essential part of motion graphics, so… some trends are old but contemporary and some are really interesting.

My first take of this typography trend is

1.Psychedelic typography animation : 

This kind of animation is not very new but always lure the spectators.

The ’60s and ’70s style known as a psychedelic forms of expression , often fueled by hallucinations, which gave us Psychedelic Art. The colors used in psychedelic arts are various and mostly bright with high contrast. The use of these colors comes from the fact that this art wants to convey or simulate a psychedelic experience. Therefore, the text colors are chosen to catch the viewer’s attention by being bright, dazzling, and somewhat disturbing. So psychedelic typo animation is often trippy and gives you sort of hallucination on screen which is one of the best way to catch attention.

2.Liquid text animation.

Liquid text animation is a part of liquid animation and being used to create promos, animated movies, and brand animation. I have mentioned in my earlier motion graphics trending animation. this kind of animation is old but still contemporary in 2020.  Mostly done by frame by frame with the help of 2d animation software like adobe animate, adobe after effects, Toon Boom Harmony etc.  the fluid character of this typo animation is very attractive and impactful.

3.Lyrical Typography.

nowadays, Music videos are not bounded by video shoots anymore. they are being experimented with lyrical typography. It’s very innovative which saves time and money for the video shooting process. that’s why it is now trending on social media and OTT platforms. Lyrical typography is not only on music but being used on movie trailers too. without expensive video shoots, Most of the Youtube music channels use this lyrical video to pull viewers easily. 

4.Stomp Typography animation.

This is a perfect style and widely used for youtube intros and outros. People are heavily using this style to promote their products online. It is fast-paced type animation synchronized with music. It is bold, on the face, and quite a simple animation but very effective. Favorite for animators and motion designers. If you visit the Envato website, you will get to see its popularity. this style of type animation is trending for last few years.

5.Cyberpunk text animation. Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a dystopian futuristic setting that tends to focus on a “combination of low-life and high tech”. this kind of animation is neonish with bright colors followed by glitches and distortions.

This style is on trending nowadays and you can check them on AE juices cyberpunk packs in the below links. Cyberpunk text animation is attractive and mostly being used by gamers, tech-savvy, and science fiction lovers.  .

6. Animated font .

Animated font is a set of fonts with various mvements. Motion designers use cell animation to give every font a distinct character.

This animated fonts are widely being used in apps user interface, specific text logo animation like google and infograpics animation.

This kind of type animations are time consuming but very effective..

7. Stretching and smearing type animation : Stretching and smearing type animation.

One of the hottest trends to hit the motion design takes inspiration from a classic technique used in cartoons for decades: Stretching and Smearing.

Stretching and smearing typo animation is a part of kinetic typography animation but nowadays this kind of style is on trends of social media. It is not very difficult to achieve and looks cool too. Animators mainly use adobe after effects to create this kind of animation, this is basically part of the font or text get stretched initially and they transform into original shapes. this is a kind of style that is being popular on social media advertising in 2020.

 8.Impossible Loop Text animation.

As The name suggest, impossible loop is inspired by impossible object or Borromean rings which is an optical illusion. This kind of animated text loop never follow the rule of geomatry. and they oftenly create an impossible projected diamention to the viewers.  To start this animation, You need to understand forced perspective methode, have to read a litle about  Borromean rings, Penrose stairs, L’egsistential Quandary  etsetra  . This kind of animation is tricky but fun to create. you can use 3d or 2d software for your output.

9.Minimal Typography Animation.

Minimal Text and Title is one of the most important and gratifying components of the design. It’s quite impressive, favorite for clients, and takes care of design aesthetics. Minimalism is an art movement that portrays big in less used elements. This style of animation is a favourite for user experience designers and user interface designers to play with less complicated elements which makes it easy for users to understand.

10 .Echo effects Typography.

The echo effects are there since last few years in the motion graphics field.

You can also call it a motion trail effect on the text.

Echo effects create, kind of repetitive trail text animation which looks awesome on the screen. mostly used on explainer video or social media promotion.

So, this time I have tried to cover a total of 10 typography animation styles that are trending this year.  If you think I have skipped a few names, please write on the comment box if you found any.  Till then stay happy, stay safe, and create more.

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