Vayne gets huge League of Legends Season 12 visual update 1

Vayne gets huge League of Legends Season 12 visual update

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Riot Games are giving Vayne a huge League of Legends visual upgrade to kick off Season 12, focused on her ultimate as well as her “E” ability.

Vayne was released all the way back in 2011 and quickly carved out a spot as a deadly AD Carry that delivered on the fantasy of a monster hunter in League.

Since then she’s received minimal visual care from Riot outside of one update in 2015. Now the company is looking to “modernize” the Night Hunter’s outfits and animations in an upcoming VFX update to the champion.

Riot’s Sirhaian posted to the League’s subreddit page clarifying their goals for the update. “This one particular VFX Update is of a smaller scale, as Vayne does not have a ton of VFX opportunities in her kit. We have mainly focused on cleaning up and modernizing her kit, removing some of the old noise that was present,” they wrote.

Riot Games

Vayne was released in 2011.

Although the changes are more subtle than other VFX updates, they make her animations sleeker and fit better alongside newer champions.

Her E ability, Condemn, now shoots out a much larger and colorful arrow. Her ultimate ability, Final Hour, now grants her a gray glow that makes it more clear she’s empowered by the ability. Auto attacks are also now more refined on the updated skins.

Riot Games

Riot premiered their Vayne plans ahead of the update.

Here are all of the skins that are receiving an update for Vayne:

  • Base
  • Dragonslayer
  • Heartseeker
  • SKT T1
  • Arclight

Vayne is one of the handfuls of champions who have had visual updates as of recent, with fellow AD Carry Varus getting a nice overhaul.

The following video shows a full breakdown of all her updated effects:

Riot has said the release for the VFX update will come to the Public Beta Environment (PBE) with patch 12.2.

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