VFX Notes: The VFX of 'RRR' - Part 1 1

VFX Notes: The VFX of ‘RRR’ – Part 1

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VFX Notes: The VFX of 'RRR' - Part 1 2

The big, bold VFX sequences from this glorious film.

For me, watching RRR this year has been like no other movie experience for some time.

In this new VFX Notes episode, Hugo Guerra and I look into the making of the film, including aspects of its production and some of the major VFX moments. This is part 1 of 2 of our VFX Notes coverage.

This podcast is sponsored by ftrack and ActionVFX.

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Listen in at Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Don’t forget the video podcast below, too.

Run down

00:00 – sponsors
01:01 – intro
03:40 – review of RRR
08:13 – reminds me of Fury Road
13:09 – the production and making of the film
15:44 – the cinematography
17:41 – the best shots of the film
22:30 – the VFX of RRR
24:31 – Police station fight
29:41 – Blender as the main VFX tool
32:37 – Bridge sequence
34:19 – miniature trains
41:59 – the bromance
43:35 – T-Junction and flogging
50:44 – Patreon and members credits

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